Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival

About DCMF

Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival (DCMF), organized by the Young Musician’s Society, is celebrating its 24th year. The Young Musician’s Society was established by Jin, Kyu Young, a professor at the Yeungnam University, along with several professors and students from Seoul, Daegu, and other cities, to get a better understanding of contemporary music and to mutually exchange musical information. The society has met regularly to plan the event and it hosted the 1st Daegu Contemporary Music Festival in 1990. (The official name was changed to “Daegu International Contemporary music Festival” in 2001.)

The annual DCMF has provided many opportunities to understand the composition patterns of various composers. It also discovered many unknown talented and young composers and gave them a chance to present concerts and study abroad.

The DCMF has shown that a regional city such as Daegu has the potential to host an international music festival by inviting world premier composers such as renowned Polish composer, Krzysztof Penderecki and providing high quality contemporary music. Currently, the DCMF exchanges with China, but German performers and composers participated every other year.

The communication and exchange between the musicians from various regions through these festivals not only resolves the regional differences between Seoul and provincial cities, but also enables Daegu be widely known in Germany, the United States, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Canada, and elsewhere as a creative city.

The Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival has grown in popularity and recognition during 24years though active public relations with several newspapers, music magazines, broadcasters, and the Internet. Also, the committee members of the festival make plans for the next year’s festival during its annual winter seminar.

This summer the society has been the leader among the contemporary music organizations in Korea and it has promoted contemporary music for last 23 years. It consists of more than 20 composers in and out of Korea and they participate in various activities, like at least two regular concerts, seminars, as well as publishing and recording music.
 Many prominent ensemble groups, like
Het trio of Europe, Modern Ensemble, Airef String Quartet , Duo Nova of Japan, Trio-Rosenstock of Germany, WALASEK String Quartet of Poland, New Music Ensemble, as well as L'ART POUR L'ART of Germany and Players, like Thomas Grossenbacher,  Keiko Tamura,  Malke Reisener,  P.Veale, Igor Nazarov, Taishi Haarada Yoshiki Nose, Takashi Saito, Anja Wetzki, Christine Stojantschew have performed for the society and have worked together with performers of the society for better understanding and researching of contemporary music.  And We have invited many guest composers, like Jörg Birkenkötter, Gunter Steinke, Jo Kondo, Pagh-Paan Younghi , Krzysztof Penderecki, Jia Guoping, Tom Johnson to Festival.

The society also hosts symposiums, chamber music concerts, like ones for the traditional Korean instruments with Good-Mori Ensemble, to promote Korean music to the rest of the world.